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Our vision

All Tasmanians enjoy positive, respectful and fulfilling relationships.

Our mission

We offer people the services and support they need, when they need it, to assist them when life presents challenges.

This may be to do with a relationship, work, past trauma or other personal challenges.

We aim to support people to transform their lives and their relationships in ways that matter to them.

Our values

At Relationships Australia Tasmania we believe that we should be:

  • Client-centred

We believe that people should be the primary focus when making decisions about our services. People come to us because they are in need of our support. We can and must make it easy for them to get the support they need, right from the first time they make contact with us.

  • Clear in our purpose and expectations

People respond well when they know what to expect. It is up to us to be clear and timely with people about what we can and can’t offer. We also benefit internally from this clarity.

  • Optimistic and hopeful

Challenging situations are a normal part of life, and offer an opportunity to grow and become more optimistic and hopeful. With the right assistance and support, people have the capacity to make changes in their lives that bring satisfaction and fulfilment.

  • Part of a collective effort

Sometimes people need support from more than one of our services. Many also tap into a wide network of services beyond ours. Each person’s progress is directly affected by how well we work with each other. It is critical that we foster positive and respectful working relationships to ensure that collectively we support people to achieve their goals.

  • Committed to outstanding service

Each of us who works in the organisation has a responsibility to do everything we can to make sure people receive the best possible services. This applies to every dimension of our work, from the skills and professionalism of our staff through to how we run the business.

  • Professional and responsible

Our attitudes and behaviours have a direct bearing on how clients experience our services and the outcomes they achieve. Everyone in the organisation is expected to act professionally and responsibly at all times, both with people who access our services and with each other.

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