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Overview of our commitment

Relationships Australia Tasmania (RA Tas) is committed to providing relationship support services in a professional, relaxed and confidential environment and to ensuring all people who use our services have adequate information about their rights and responsibilities.

When you come to us …

  • you will receive our help to build better relationships
  • you will be treated with respect and understanding by all our staff
  • you will be offered an appointment as soon as possible
  • you will be seen by professionally trained staff who are specialists in their field
  • you will receive our services at an affordable price (in programs where fees are charged)
  • you will have the opportunity to give us feedback about the service you receive, and you can expect our prompt attention.

You also have the right to …

  • quality and respectful service regardless of gender, race, social status or sexual preference and taking into account such factors as cultural background, health status and special needs
  • information about our services, how you can access them and how we believe they will help you
  • choose not to use any or all of our services
  • use an interpreter
  • confidentiality and privacy to the fullest extent we can lawfully give you (and in line with the amended Privacy Act 1988 and the Australian Privacy Principles), which respects your privacy and dignity, in a safe non-threatening environment
  • know how and why we keep information about you and how and when you can access it. (Refer to our Privacy Policy - Australian Privacy Principles below.
  • request a different practitioner
  • an environment that protects your safety and assistance to keep you safe at all times
  • receive accurate relevant, easy-to-understand information that is delivered in a timely manner
  • make a complaint to us and expect that we will investigate it appropriately and respond promptly, fairly and sensitively and that in making the complaint you will not be disadvantaged in continuing to receive quality services  (Please see below, or ask any of our staff about our complaints procedure.)
  • request access to case notes that are written about you
  • refuse to be involved in research or in evaluations about service delivery.

If you have any questions about this, please ask staff in the office for assistance or contact us on 1300 364 277 

RA Tas has policies on your privacy, your rights and your safety. We have procedures that cover your ability to make a complaint, provide feedback about our services and our duty of care to you and your family members.

Our Privacy Policy

Relationships Australia Tasmania (RA Tas) respects the rights of clients to privacy and is committed to ensuring client information is managed in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Australian Privacy Principles (APP) of the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012.  To view a copy of the RA Tas Privacy Policy click here.

Feedback and Complaints

RA Tas welcomes client feedback and strongly supports client complaints. It uses the information provided by clients in these processes to continually enhance service delivery and to assist with its planning processes.

RA Tas is committed to:

  • promoting the well-being of individuals and to equitable and mutually satisfying relationships at all levels;
  • providing services which are ethical, professional and of the highest quality; and
  • maintaining and promoting its favourable reputation in the community.

For further information or to download a feedback form click here

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